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Announcing Anchored Northwest's Affiliate Program

Announcing Anchored Northwest's Affiliate Program

Posted by Anchored Northwest on Jul 26th 2022

Your love for candles is about to pay off! Anchored Northwest is excited to announce our new affiliate program. That’s right – the scented candles you know and love are now going to reward you simply for sharing them with your audience!

Beginning this summer, we are introducing an incredible affiliate program that’s going to add a spark to your online content. Anchored Northwest-loving content creators, influencers, bloggers, and others are invited to apply for our affiliate program to start earning today.

This isn’t your average candle affiliate program. Those who register in our program can begin earning 10% of their referring sales today. This free affiliate program is ideal for influencers who create content about local business, home decor, interior design, style, wellness, self-care, and/or shopping. Anchored Northwest’s candle selection fits most aesthetics, making it easy to incorporate into your feed.

Does this sound like the perfect partnership for you? Learn more about becoming an Anchored Northwest affiliate today!

Anchored Northwest Offers Great Rates for Referrals

While some programs only offer 5% for sales using affiliate links, Anchored Northwest offers a full 10% from referred sales. The average purchase on our site equals about $70 which means affiliates could earn an average of $7 per sale.

Influencers and content creators who have an engaged following have the potential to significantly earn from this affiliate program.

How Does the Anchored Northwest Affiliate Program Work?

All our partnering content creators, influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers will receive a special affiliate dashboard. With this affiliate dashboard, they can monitor referral sales, traffic and generate links to products.

To get started in the dashboard, simply select the link to the candle you wish to promote and then incorporate it into your content. This can be done as a link in your Instagram bio, a link in the video description on YouTube, or linked in your blog.

We require that each affiliate partner posts about the program twice per month but otherwise, we are open to your creative freedom. Want to write a review on your blog or put a banner ad on your website? Would you rather do a post on your social media or film an unboxing video? You know your audience best and we are excited to see your creativity!

Once a person purchases a candle using your link, you’ll receive a notification email. Your dashboard will automatically update to show your sales and credits. Once you reach $50 worth of sales, your earnings will transfer to you via bank transfer or PayPal.

Who Qualifies to be an Anchored Northwest Affiliate?

A love for candles and familiarity with Anchored Northwest is our first requirement. Our high-quality wood wick candles are hand-poured using a silky soy wax that's triple scented. Our commitment to quality candles should be reflected by the content creators who promote our candles on their platforms.

Potential affiliate partners must have an established following such as:

  • A social media profile on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok with 5,000 followers
  • OR a website/blog with 5,000 unique monthly users
  • OR a YouTube channel with 1,000 subscribers

As we mentioned previously, affiliates must post twice per month on their platforms. This can include two posts on Instagram, a blog and a post on Facebook, or a YouTube review and banner on your website.

Who Should Join Our Affiliate Program?

We might be biased but we think everyone should use our candles. However, niches and content creators that are likely to do well with our candle affiliate program include:

  • Home decor influencers
  • Interior design accounts
  • Family and parent accounts
  • Wellness and self-care content creators
  • Shopping accounts
  • Fashion and style content creators
  • PNW/Spokane content creators and bloggers

That being said, you know your audience best. Even if you create content about different subjects, please feel free to apply for our affiliate program.

Why Should You Consider Becoming an Anchored Northwest Affiliate?

The Anchored Northwest Affiliate Program is a great home decor affiliate program. Here are five great reasons to become an affiliate for Anchored Northwest:

1. Free Affiliate Program

That's right! This is a free affiliate program. Our affiliate program doesn't require a monthly membership fee.

2. Simple Affiliate Program

Unlike some affiliate programs that have confusing dashboards or hoops to jump through, our affiliate program is simple and automated.

3. Fast & Automated

Some home decor affiliate programs can take a while to notify you about sales or send you money. Anchored Northwest credits your account automatically in the dashboard. Once your earnings hit $50, we automatically transfer the funds to you.

4. Freedom To Create

As mentioned above, we require that each affiliate post at least twice per month. However, we give our affiliates full creative freedom for their content. We’ll provide create assets and let you know about upcoming new releases, but beyond that, how you promote Anchored Northwest is up to your brand and voice.

5. Fun to Post About

Who doesn’t love Anchored Northwest candles? They add beauty to every scene, making it easy to highlight on your feed or website!

Join the Anchored Northwest Family

Ready for your love for candles to pay off? Apply today to become an Anchored Northwest affiliate using our registration form.