We’re Lighting Up The Best Candles for Father’s Day

Posted by Anchored Northwest on Jun 13th 2022

Did you know that the best candles for Father’s Day are handmade candles from Spokane, Washington? It’s true! At Anchored Northwest, we draw upon a variety of aromas and hand-pour each candle to ensure a smooth, slow burn. It’s a level of attention to detail and craftsmanship that would make a father proud.

Coming up with the perfect Father’s Day gift year after year can be a struggle - especially for a man who has everything. Father’s Day candle gifts don’t break the bank or add clutter to a room, making them a great gift idea. In our opinion, scented candles are the best present for Father’s Day.

Keep reading to see our team’s selection of the top candles for dads this Father’s Day!

Scented Candles that Spark Memories

The most meaningful gifts for fathers will show how much your time spent together means to you. Since our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses we have, even a simple aroma can reignite old memories. This is why the best candles for Father’s Day are scented candles that will remind him of a happy memory with his family.

Cabin Fever Candle

If your dad loves the outdoors, gifts that remind him of hiking trails, camping, and other outdoor activities are meaningful. With notes of sage, orange, grapefruit, lavender, oakmoss, amber, and tonka bean, Cabin Fever’s fragrance transports you deep into the forest where the trees touch the sky and wildflowers grow. Cabin Fever is available in wax melts, amber jars, classic clear jars, white tumblers, large classic jars, rustic tins, and black travel tins.

Tip: Give him this candle with reservations to go camping together. You can make even more memories with him and he’ll remember this camping trip each time he smells the Cabin Fever candle.

Lumberjack Candle

As a gift for men who live simply, work hard and love the outdoors, the Lumberjack candle fills a room with the masculine scent of nature and nostalgia. The aroma invites memories of getting home from a long day, taking off heavy work shoes, and spending time with family.

Crafted with scents of peppercorn, ginger, spice, tobacco leaf, teakwood, sandalwood, amber, and dark musk, the Lumberjack candle is one of the best candles for men and makes a great gift for Father’s Day.

The Lumberjack candle is available in several forms, including wax melts, amber jars, classic clear jars, white tumblers, large classic jars, rustic tins, and black & travel tins.

Bookworm Candle

Did your dad read books to you when you were little? Reminisce over memories of asking for ‘just one more story!’ with a Father’s Day candle inspired by the scent of old books and sturdy wooden bookcases. Featuring notes of teak wood, cedar, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, amyris, and dark musk, the Bookworm recites a comforting tale of the magic of reading together.

The Bookworm candle will remind your father how his time spent with you wrote the story for who you are today. This candle is available in wax melts, amber jars, classic jars, white tumblers, large classic candle jars, rustic tins, and black travel tins.

Want to add an extra special touch to this Father’s Day gift? Give him a copy of your favorite book that he read to you. Then, sign it with an extra sweet note that thanks him for everything.

Candles That Remind Him of Home

We’ve discussed how a scent can bring back memories of a time once forgotten. Certain aromas can also bring back memories of special places. Spark memories of your dad’s hometown this Father’s Day with a scented candle.

Lilac City

Anchored Northwest’s home is in Spokane, Washington — aka the Lilac City. Each May, our city honors our city's heroes with the Spokane Lilac Festival when the lilacs are in full bloom. Lilacs have become one of the most recognizable scents for Spokanites. The Lilac City features notes of lilac, rose, carnation, green leaves, and sandalwood.

The Lilac City candle is available in wax melts, amber jars, classic jars, white tumblers, large classic jars, and rustic tins.

Country Orchard

If your father is a farm kid at heart, the Country Orchard candle will remind him of the harvest and bring him back to his rural roots.

With notes of pear, jasmine, nectarine, apricot, vanilla, and vetiver, the Country Orchard fragrance is a trip down memory lane and dirt roads. We recommend checking out the Country Orchard candle in our rustic tin container. The Country Orchard candle is also available in wax melts, amber jars, classic clear jars, white tumblers, and our large classic jars.

Shop The Best Candles for Father’s Day at Anchored Northwest

Father’s Day will be here before we know it. Get the Dad in your life handmade products that offer sleek design and original scents. Anchored Northwest candles are the perfect gifts for dads, grandfathers, and other important men in your life. At Anchored Northwest, we have crafted a variety of scents to inspire memories and spark a comforting atmosphere.

Each candle is triple-scented with 100% American-grown soy wax. Our wicks are made with untreated cedar wood — creating a strong scent that will continue to warm up the room after the flame is out. Shop our selection of unique scents today for an incredible Father’s Day gift.